ATK504: Aluminium pipe 27mm

Black aluminium pipe 27mm diameter for rig extensions

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The primary mounting system for AuthentiKit is the two arm monitor stand (ATK500) however most flight controls do not mount directly. They mount to these 27mm tubes which in turn are fixed to the monitor stand at the appropriate height and position to place the controls exactly where you need them.

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27mm is not actually that common a dimension however it is a nice compromise between 25mm tube which feels too small with insufficient surface area for good grip and 30-32mm which is a bit too bulky. In the UK 27mm seems to be used in gardening which is where I sourced these black coated tubes in 750mm lengths. In practice 750mm is a little unwieldy and 500mm is sufficient - that is the length SimKitSupplies has them made to.

Indicative Pricing With Allowance for P&P

These are £4.28 currently but you get hit for £5 postage, so as you currently need two of these for the full AuthentiKit setup I'd suggest buying two at £13.54 inc. postage so just under £7 each.



If people are struggling to source 27mm tubes, ask on Discord and I can make up some sleeves so that smaller diameters can be used.