AuthentiKit Reviews

Here are a few reviews recently published by members of the flight sim community who have tested AuthentiKit products.

Our more recent review was of our PA-24 Comanche TPM by SimHanger.

"AuthentiKit has a reputation for producing high quality kit, but I'd go as far to say that this is their best quality that I've seen to date. " SimHanger, 30 April 2024

WolfPack345 tried out our P-51D throttle in anger on a DCS Mission and declared that he was "seriously impressed"!

19 March 2024

Thanks to Overkill for his second review of AuthentiKit. This time we get him very excited about the Mustang P-51D throttle.

9 February 2024

Well this isn't an external review as such but there isn't much better validation than having the Royal Air Force use your products for emergency training of their pilots.

7 April 2023

If you're trying to get your head around what AuthentiKit is, our friend Mark at SimHanger made this very useful overview video that takes you through the process from start to finish.

1 August 2022

This review is the first time we've persuaded a flight sim content creator to fully assemble a set of AuthentiKit controls from scratch. Tactical Pascale was a little unsure but you can see he got on rather well.

06 November 2021

Many thanks to the SimHanger channel for this review. I asked Mark to kick the tyres a little and explain what AuthentiKit is all about in simple language for regular simmers rather than home cockpit engineer types.

10 July 2021

The Spitfire spade grip flight stick not only feels great to hold and use but it also includes the authentic hand operated brake lever you need if you want to handle a Spitfire on the ground the way it should be done.

24 May 2021

When you add the throttle quadrant and elevator trim wheel to the flight stick the whole experience becomes a lot more immersive, as VR Flight Sim Guy finds out.

04 May 2021

This is very much a community project. Here's a video made by Ian Colman showing his attempt to "speed build" the elevator trim wheel. This particular control is a great introduction to building AuthentiKit projects.

25 March 2021

Here's the latest review by Skil of Grim Reapers who talks not only about the experience of flying with the Spitfire MkIX flight stick but also the options for getting one of your own.

04 Feb 2021

A mention on TV no less! MRTV that is. Our friend VR Flight Sim Guy gave us a nice plug when asked about what is interesting with VR flight simulation at present.

30 Jan 2021

Steve tests his Spitfire flying skills in the DCS MkIX using the AuthentiKit Spitfire flight stick.

30 Dec 2020

Steve, VR Flight Sim Guy made a follow up video showing where he bravely took his IL2 Spitfire MkIX into battle over England using his AuthentiKit flight stick.

9 Dec 2020

AuthentiKit's first ever review no less! I was delighted by VR Flight Sim Guy's reaction when unboxing and flying a pre-release version of the Flying Iron Spitfire MkIX for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

5 Dec 2020