ATK505: C-Clamp

Nickel plated table C clamp

  • Manufacturers: Bahco, Pebaro
  • Product ID: Various

After much searching I found these used by carpenters for clamping a fretsaw table to a desk (see picture below). The AuthentiKit system uses them to clamp the instrument panel posts to a desk or table.

Supplier Links

These seem to be most common in Germany and if you can't source from there you may do what I did which is to buy the clamp with a fretaw table from the wellknown brand Bahco.

Indicative Pricing With Allowance for P&P

The price will vary depending on postage and whether you need to buy the Bahco kit including the mini table at about £8 each. The clamps themselves if you can get them individually are about £2-3 + postage, so let's say £4 as an indicative price.



The Pebaro model I have designed the mounting system for is the 24/04 version which has the following dimensions. If you need to get different sizes these are the consequences.

  • Jaw Opening: 40mm (More is fine)
  • Width: 13mm (14mm would also fit the mounts this slots into)
  • Metal thickness: 4mm (5mm would also just fit with a squeeze)