PA-24 Comanche

Our first non warbird

A fast and versatile single-engine GA

PA-24 Comanche

This is our first GA aircraft. These Piper Comanche controls were developed with the assistance of A2A Simulations. A2A kindly shared CAD from their design studio to help us create exact replicas of key controls and also to achieve precise relative placement of controls.

PA-24 Comanche Flight Controls (existing and in development)
Throttle, Prop and Mixture control with park brake
Four position magneto and starter button
Three position gear lever
Carburettor heat and primer
Rudder and elevator trim
Flaps lever

The PA-24 TPM

The foundation of the AuthentiKit range of PA-24 controls is the Throttle, Prop & Mixture (TPM) unit which comes with a full travel park brake. Housed in a low profile case it fixes easily to the underside of a desk which, in combination with a yoke, enables a very close match to the relative position of these controls.

TPM Key features
Throttle, prop and mixture knobs
Push pull park brake with detent
Hall sensors for zero wear and a long life of precision
Hydraulic damping on TPM levers for realism
Compact unit for accurate placement relative to yoke

Coming at the end of March 2024 with additional controls to follow later. In December 2023 we sent a prototype control to SimHanger to try out.