P-51D Mustang

The P-51D Mustang is the iconic US WW2 fighter used by allied forces

AuthentiKit P-51D Mustang

These AuthentiKit flight controls were developed from high quality CAD materials created from original source materials with meticulous attention to detail by AuthentiKit Discord community member Stiggles. The minimum of adjustments were made to original dimensions in order to adapt the design to work with AuthentiKit standard components. The controls were tested with the Aeroplane Heaven P-51D for Microsoft Flight Simulator kindly donated to this project by Aeroplane Heaven. They are compatible with all flight simulators.

P-51D Flight Controls

Our first P-51D flight control released at Easter 2022 is the pedestal. This is the largest AuthentiKit control we may ever make, comprising flaps lever, land gear lever and trim wheels. It was followed in August 2023 by throttle unit with a flight stick to come in the near future.

Flaps, Gear and Trims Pedestal

The P-51D pedestal is a very substantial flight control. Every knob, wheel and lever is identical in size and shape to the real thing and the overall dimensions of the unit are around 1.5ft x 1ft. The feel and tactile experience is just as important of course and this unit uses hydraulic damping, adjustable friction control and ball spring detents to maximise immersion.

Key Features
Replica Rudder, Aileron and Elevator trim wheels
Trim wheel tuning app to ensure exact synchronisation of trim wheel movement to real-world / sim behaviour
Fully articulated land gear lever with identical movements to the real thing
Flaps lever with full range of movement and individual flap positions 0,10,20,30,40 and 50 degrees
Adjustable friction on all levers and hydraulic damping on the land gear lever
Heavy duty sealed bearings for strength and longevity
Adjustable mounting system to ensure this control is placed exactly where it would be IRL
Connects via the AuthentiKit Universal Hub with just one USB connection for all controls

This product is available now. Download all the CAD, hardware parts list and assembly documentation free from the P-51D pedestal download page. Ready made kits can be purchased from SimKitSupplies.

Throttle Quadrant

The P-51D throttle is a highly featured control and the first AuthentiKit throttle to incorporate a twist grip. It connects via the standard throttle input H2 of the AuthentiKit Universal Hub with a secondary input to H8 to support the twist grip gunsight aim.

Key Features
Hall sensors for a lifetime of reliability
Hydraulic damping for amazing tactile experience
Strong sealed bearings for smooth movement
Replica scale levers for the most immersion in VR
Adjustable mounting system for accurate placement
Twist grip throttle for gunsight aiming
Working Push-to-talk button
Realistic mixture detent to enable full rich
Accurate lettering and usage notices incorporated

Download all the CAD, hardware parts list and assembly documentation free from the download page. Ready made kits can be purchased from SimKitSupplies.

Flight Stick

The P-51D flight stick is work in progress

P-40B Flight stick
Replica product
Non contact precision hall sensor design for a lifetime of use
Strong smooth action based on sealed bearings
Long lever for precise control