No Printer?

So you don’t have a printer, but you’d like some of these flight controls? Here are your options.

Get Some Help

If you’d like someone to print it for you there are a bunch of guys in the Community Print Services channel on our Discord Support Site server now offering to do this. If you’re not familiar with Discord contact our friend Reuben at and he’ll introduce you to someone locally who can help.

Prices vary but we’re talking $150 – $200. I don’t know these guys so I can’t promise anything but if you join the site you can get quotes and ask others for their experience of the service.

This is a new thing but we are now starting to some good feedback such as this from Roadie1.

“Hi all. Have just received some 3d printed parts from Matthew L. Can I say how delighted I am with the quality and size of the parts supplied and the quick turnaround. Any one who needs 3d parts printing, I can highly recommend.”

Buy One

If you are worried about the cost, don’t be ! The odds are that whatever you may spend to acquire the printed parts is around the same as an entry level printer and materials would cost you. Both are sub $200. Being perfectly honest the cost is your time getting familiar with 3d printing and learning about its often fickle nature.

What Printer To Buy?

This entire project was printed on one of the most basic 3D printers available – the Ender 3 which cost me £175. I have had (more than?) my share of problems with it and I recently got an Ender 6SE which is much better engineered and I hoped would give me less trouble so I could recommend it to you guys! It has dual Z screws so the issue of friction preventing the gantry moving up smoothly should be gone. It also has auto-bed levelling and a glass bed which together solve the all important first layer adhesion problem. I am having niggles though and the print quality is poor at present so watch this space as new firmware emerges.

So what do I recommend? Creality printers are a good choice for those on a budget. Manufacturer support has not impressed me but community support is huge which is important. An Ender 3 Pro would be a good option. If you have more of a $500+ budget then a Prusa is a good option as their manufacturer support is widely praised and their build quality is highly rated. I haven’t used one.

I made a case for my printer out of sheet perspex as dust gathers over time which is not a good thing. Encased printers tend to start at $1,000+ and I don’t have personal experience of them. If you’re in that market check out who regularly rank printers at every budget.

I do recommend a print volume of at least 200x200x200 which rules out some of the minis.