Spitfire MK1A

Developed in collaboration with Aeroplane Heaven, AuthentiKit is proud to release a self-assembly kit of replica flight controls for the infamous Battle of Britain era Spitfire Mk1A

Spitfire MK1A

The Spitfire Mk1A is our second AuthentiKit Spitfire and whilst having much in common with the Spitfire MkIX these controls include some innovative and distinctive features. For example the Boost Cutout which is similar to the later War Emergency Power (WEP) mode is now supported with a dual system for cross-platform compatibility. The primary implementation developed with Aeroplane Heaven is a mechanical option which mirrors their Boost Cutout behaviour. In addition a switched mechanism supports other simulators.

Spitfire Mk1A Flight Controls
Throttle quadrant with Boost Cutout
Elevator trim wheel
Rudder trim Wheel
Spade grip flight stick with brake lever
Chassis / landing gear
Flap lever

Throttle quadrant and trim wheels

Our first Mk1A kit is available now. The kit includes a replica throttle quadrant with working Boost Cutout as well as elevator and trim wheels. Using the AuthentiKit mounting system you can place these controls exactly where they would be in the real aircraft.

Throttle quadrant with working Boost Cutout
Elevator trim wheel
Rudder trim wheel
Includes replica decals
Hall sensors and sealed bearings - precise and smooth
£56+p&p Cost for 100% DIY (APPRX)
£201+p&p Cost to buy a Full Kit (RSP)
These flight controls come as a kit and our YouTube video explains how to assemble them. It should take a little over an hour for example to assemble the quadrant. Visit the download page to obtain full instructions including print files and a list of hardware parts needed. This is freeware remember - it's all free!
Connect this flight control and other AuthentiKit products to your PC with the Universal Hub and mount it to your desk using the rig system. This video explains how to assemble the hub as well as introducing the rig system. See our separate section on The Rig. Again download everything you need at no charge.
For a ready made kit of all hardware we recommend Sim Kit Supplies. They can also introduce you to someone who can print the parts for you and who participates in our Recommended Selling Price Scheme. SKS keep tabs on 3rd party printers and will do their best to introduce you to a reliable printer who has already received good customer feedback from previous customers.

Flight Stick

The Mk1A features the iconic Spitfire spade grip handle with hand brake lever.

Key features
Replica fire button with rotating bezel for FIRE and SAFE
Hand operated brake lever for authentic ground handling
Huge +/-40 degrees of pitch movement and +/-30 of roll
Hall sensors throughout for precise smooth operation
Comfortable soft grip
  £39+p&p Cost for 100% DIY (APPRX)
£137+p&p Cost to buy a Full Kit (RSP)

Flap lever

The flap lever on a Spitfire offers a very simple up or down option but it's so much nicer to have the tactile response of a replica item positioned exactly where you expect it to be - especially in VR where you want to reach out and find it in just the right place.

Key features of the Spitfire flap lever
Replica two position flap switch
Optional mounting system for precise placement
Individual flaps up and flaps down signals (not a toggle)
Long lasting design with sealed bearing movement
£9.99+p&p Cost for 100% DIY (APPRX)
   £37+p&p Cost to buy a Full Kit (RSP)

Spitfire Chassis Lever

This chassis or landing gear lever is a joy to use. Of course you could press ‘G’ on the keyboard, but how much better to release the lever from it’s lock state and push against the hydraulic resistance built into this replica flight control to raise or lower the landing gear.

Key features of chassis lever
Strong sturdy design using sealed bearings and spring resistance
Realistic latching system to lock position up or down
Adjustable friction
Mounts to your right hand side in just the right place
Individual gear up and gear down signals
Hydraulic damping gives a great tactile experience
Optional lettering in either white silicon or adhesive decals
Replica indicator shows hydraulics status as well as gear position
£28+p&p Cost for 100% DIY (APPRX)
£97+p&p Cost to buy a Full Kit (RSP)