I started this project in Spring 2018 after getting an Ender 3 3D printer and realising it held the potential to solve one of my big frustrations with VR flight simulation – stuff wasn’t where it should be! Being a bit of an inventor I switched focus from my previous obsession building motion platforms. You’ll find me as Spit40 on the xsimulator forum with projects such as my 007 G-Seat. Unlike my G-Seat project, it was a principal objective that AuthentiKit would appeal not just to amateur engineers but to anyone prepared to assemble an Ikea wardrobe. A great deal of the development time has been spent trying to simplify assembly and minimise the chance of mistakes. I hope you like it!

Phil Hulme, October 2020

[email protected]

If you have an hour to kill, here's an interview I did for Captain Bob Sim's podcast channel on YouTube where I talk about the background to AuthentiKit, why I started it and what goals I have for it.