P40-B Tomahawk

Forerunner to the infamous P51 Mustang, the P40-B is the first american warbird supported by AuthentiKit.

P40-B Tomahawk

We are proud to be working with Big Radials for our second AuthentiKit project, the P40-B Tomahawk. This aircraft is a forerunner to the famous P-51 Mustang – in fact it was the British request to the Americans for P-40s that prompted the development of the P-51. Big Radials provided CAD materials and technical advice to simplify the design work for this feisty looking American warbird.

P40-B Flight Controls

We are creating a set of flight controls including a replica throttle quadrant, elevator/rudder trim wheel set and flight stick for the P40-B. These mount using the same rig extension as developed for the Spitfire MkIX and connect into the same Universal Hub as the Spitfire MkIX.

Elevator and Rudder Trim Wheels

This trim wheel kit is now available as a free download from our Download Page and hardware kits are available from our recommended supplier www.simkitsupplies.com.

P-40B Elevator and Trim Wheel Kit
Replica product scale trim wheel set
Precise control and long lasting using heavy duty sealed bearings
Compatible with all flight simulators
Simple quick release mechanism and easy adjustable mounting to put it exactly where you expect it

You Tube Assembly Videos

AuthentiKit flight controls come with a simple step by step assembly process and YouTube assembly videos you can follow at your kitchen table.

Universal Hub

The first item you will require is the AuthentiKit Universal Hub. This is the heart of your AuthentiKit system. All your flight controls plug into this, whatever aircraft you are flying.

Download everything you need for this product from our download page.

Elevator and Rudder Trim

This is the assembly video for the elevator and trim wheel set including tips on how to achieve that lovely white lettering.

Download everything you need for this product from our download page.

Throttle Quadrant (Coming Soon)

The P-40B throttle quadrant is close to completion and will be coming soon. Check back here in a week or two or subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates. P

P-40B Throttle Quadrant
Replica product
Non contact precise hall sensor design for a lifetime of use
Strong smooth action based on sealed bearings
Throttle, prop and mixture with fire button