Community Powered

Community engagement is fundamental to AuthentiKit. Right now there are almost 200 people on the AuthentiKit Discord server at various stages of building the Spitfire MkIX flight stick, the first of many products. See examples below. Most importantly they are sharing experience:

Sourcing parts in different parts of the world

Helping newbies in the art of 3D printing

Assembly feedback and suggestions

Community printing group – guys will print the parts for you if you don’t have a printer

Community Builds

Here are a few examples of AuthentiKit builds by the community. See more in the AuthentiKit Gallery


Building the future together

Once the design standards are finalised I will share them freely with the flight simulator community. This will make it very simple for those with CAD skills to create AuthentiKit compatible flight controls for different aircraft. This is the true power of the AuthentiKit solution. Generous developers have gifted amazing freeware to the community for years and now they will be able to share hardware designs too. Users can just unplug their Cessna quadrant and swap in a Turbo Arrow.

Here is work in progress on a Spitfire MkIX elevator trim but the components used will make it very easy for others to make trim wheels for many different aircraft.