Spitfire MkIX Starter Kit A

Available now for free download is the Spitfire MkIX Starter Kit A compatible with all flight simulators. It includes the Universal Control Hub as well as spade grip flight stick. Many YouTube reviewers have reported that not only does the stick look good but it feels fabulous to fly with. Many thanks to Alex at Flying Iron Simulations for the technical assistance provided over many months which helped make this flight stick so very close to the real thing.

Universal Control Hub
10 inputs sockets – one for the flight stick leaving 9 for throttle quadrant, trim etc
Single USB connection compatible with every flight simulator
Slimline box sits on your desk
You only ever need one of these
Spitfire MkIX Spade Grip
Fully functioning flight stick
Brake lever
Twin fire buttons for machine guns and cannon
Hall sensors for all axes
High quality sealed bearing design

You are just 4 steps away

Got any problems? Get some help via Discord

Download all the files free using the link below and you can print the parts at home. No printer? No problem!

Buy components from Amazon. The parts list comes with the download. An all-in-1 kit from my recommended supplier below should come out cheaper though.

Watch the following assembly video playlist and follow the instructions in the download.

Set up your rig, slot your flight stick into the quick release plate and go fly !

Spitfire MkIX Add On Kit B

Add On Kit B includes an elevator trim wheel and throttle quadrant as well as the rig extension needed to mount these controls in just the right places to your left hand side.

Elevator Trim Wheel and Throttle Quadrant
Full quadrant with throttle, mixture and propellor
Bomb Release Button
Adjustable friction
Replica and 100% to scale
Throttle quadrant controls use friction free hall sensors
Free download – it’s all free !

Coming Next

The throttle quadrant and elevator trim wheel will be followed by landing gear and flaps. After that I will be moving onto another vintage war bird

Landing Gear
Scale replica of the landing gear
Mounts exactly where it should be on your right
Flap Lever
Scale replica
Dashboard mounted using a new mounting system