Spitfire MkIX

Our first Authentikit product. Released 05-12-2020.

The iconic Spitfire MkIX spade grip flight stick.

Spitfire MkIX

The first aircraft supported by our freeware AuthentiKit project with a spade grip flightstick launched on December 5th, 2020 after a two year period of R&D. We received invaluable support from Alex Kassabian of Flying Iron Simulations who’s technical assistance helped make this flight stick so very close to the real thing. Controls are compatible with all flight simulators and our Discord community has groups flying regularly in MSFS, IL2 and DCS.

Spitfire MkIX Flight Controls
Spade grip flight stick (Comes with Starter Kit A)
Throttle quadrant with WEP (Comes with Add On Kit B)
Elevator Trim Wheel (Add On Kit B)
Rudder Trim Wheel (Add On Kit B)
Flaps lever
Reviewed by PC Pilot in Sept/Oct 2021 issue and awarded 96% score and platinum award

Spitfire MkIX Starter Kit A

The Spitfire MkIX Starter Kit A is available now. It includes the Universal Hub as well as spade grip flight stick. See our YouTube reviews page for several reviews of the flight stick and find out why experienced Spitfire simmers like it so much. View our gallery for community builds of these flight controls

Spitfire MkIX Spade Grip
Fully functioning flight stick
Brake lever
Twin fire buttons for machine guns and cannon
Hall sensors for all axes
High quality sealed bearing design
Universal Control Hub
Single input socket for flight stick expandable to 10 inputs
Single USB connection compatible with every flight simulator
Slimline box sits on your desk
You only ever need one of these

  £99+p&p Cost for hardware and self-printed parts (approx)

£227+p&p Cost for full kit including printed parts (Recommended Selling Price)

Spitfire MkIX Add On Kit B

Add On Kit B includes throttle quadrant, elevator trim wheel and rudder trim wheel as well as the rig extension needed to mount these controls in just the right places to your left hand side. View our gallery for community builds of these flight controls

Elevator Trim Wheel and Throttle Quadrant
Full quadrant with throttle, mixture and propellor
Bomb Release Button
Adjustable friction
Hydraulic damping
Throttle quadrant controls use friction free hall sensors
Elevator trim wheel
Rudder trim wheel with white decal lettering
3 extra inputs to expand Universal Hub capacity
Rig Extension
Provides accurate placement of flight controls on left hand cockpit wall
Attaches to primary monitor stand rig system with one screw
Provides three quick release plates for quadrant, elevator trim and rudder trim
Fit, remove and adjust in just a few seconds

  £87+p&p Cost for hardware and self-printed parts (approx)

£262+p&p Cost for full kit including printed parts (Recommended Selling Price)

Spitfire Flaps Lever

This flaps lever is a great device in a small package. It mounts using the Instrument Panel Mounting System and requires the Universal Hub Upgrade Kit for additional input ports. It is suitable for either the Spitfire MkIX or the Mk1A.

Spitfire Flaps Lever
Independent flaps in and flaps out signals
Reassuring friction
Sealed bearings for long life
Mounts in exactly the right position
Instrument Panel Mounting System
Provides accurate placement of instrument panel mounted controls
Easily and securely clamps to most desks and tables
Designed to support a wide range of controls, such as radio equipment, magnetos and more
Raised crossbar allows access to the keyboard
Shown here with flaps lever for illustration only
Universal Hub Upgrade
Provide inputs for 6 more controls
Required for flaps lever, but with inputs for landing gear, cowl/radiator flaps and a second engine (e.g. Mosquito FB)
MISC inputs will support aircraft with different configurations of control e.g. quadrants without a bomb release button

£45.49+p&p Cost for hardware and self-printed parts for all three kits (approx)

£87.49+p&p Cost for all three full kits including printed parts (Recommended Selling Price)

Spitfire Chassis Lever

This chassis or landing gear leader is a joy to use. Of course you could press ‘G’ on the keyboard, but how much better to release the lever from it’s lock state and push against the hydraulic resistance built into this replica flight control to raise or lower the landing gear.

Chassis Lever / Landing Gear
Scale replica of the landing gear
Mounts exactly where it should be on your right
Hydraulic damping gives a great tactile experience
Operates in either toggle mode or separate up/down signals to your sim
Very sturdy design using strong sealed bearings and spring resistance
Optional lettering in either white silicon or adhesive decals
Replica indicator shows not only gear position but the status of the hydraulics

£28+p&p Cost for hardware and self-printed parts (approx)

£97+p&p Cost for hardware kit and printed parts (Recommended Selling Price)

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Got any problems? Get some help via Discord

Download all the files free using the link below and you can print the parts at home. No printer? No problem!

Buy components from Amazon/eBay. The parts list comes with the download. An all-in-1 kit from my recommended supplier below should come out cheaper though.

Watch the following assembly video playlist and follow the instructions in the download.

Set up your rig, slot your flight stick into the quick release plate and go fly !