DH.98 Mosquito FB VI

Faster than a Spitfire and powered by two Merlin engines our first dual engine aircraft.

De Havilland DH.98 Mosquito FB.VI

We were grateful to receive support from world renowned Mosquito experts AV Specs during the development of our first replica flight controls for a dual engine aircraft. This amazing aircraft, known as the "wooden wonder" was powered by two Merlin engines and was the fastest military aircraft in the world at the time of its introduction into the RAF.

Mosquito FB.VI Flight Controls

We are creating a set of flight controls including a dual engine replica throttle or engine control box, elevator trim, flaps levers and flight stick.

Mosquito image courtesy of AV Specs.

Throttle (Engine Control Box)

The throttle is a substantial and sturdy dual engine unit with dual throttle levers and dual airscrew. It includes a supercharger switch, climb boost actuation levers and a rocket launch button on the right hand throttle lever. It is a highly engineered unit with hydraulic damping and hall sensors. Available from our Download Page.

Key features
Hall sensors for long life and precise positioning
Stainless steel sealed bearings for smooth action
Hydraulic damping for firm realistic resistance
Quick release mechanism and adjustable mounting
Super charger gear change (blower) switch
Climb boost levers to engage maximum power
Rocket projectile launch button
Mixture control for full rich or weak
Adjustable friction on all levers

You Tube Assembly Videos

AuthentiKit flight controls come with a simple step by step assembly process and YouTube assembly videos you can follow at your kitchen table.

Universal Hub

The first item you will require is the AuthentiKit Universal Hub. This is the heart of your AuthentiKit system. All your flight controls plug into this, whatever aircraft you are flying.

Download everything you need for this product from our download page.


This is the assembly video for the throttle quadrant.

Download everything you need for this product from our download page.