Spitfire MkIX Throttle Version 3

Version 3 of the Spitfire MkIX throttle was released today. Previous upgrades represented fairly small incremental improvements but this is a major upgrade incorporating the latest technologies going into AuthentiKit flight controls.

  • Hydraulic damping - for a realistic feeling of resistance as power is applied
  • Full travel bomb release button - a new design with more resistance and more travel
  • Reinforced Airscrew Control lever - stronger and sturdier
  • Active WEP detent - the point of engagement of War Emergency Power is now much more distinctive and requires a deliberate action to engage

This version is fully compatible with the rig system from the prior version and in fact many components are unchanged, so if you're looking to upgrade Version 2 to Version 3 it's a fairly quick process and SimKitSupplies is selling a very low cost kit containing the extra parts - damper, ball spring detent etc