P-51D Mustang Flaps, Gear, Trims Pedestal

It's finally finished after so many months of development. There's a lot of functionality packed into this one flight control unit which means it has no less than 5 input sockets in order to support.

  • Fully articulated land gear lever with hydraulic damping for a great tactile feel
  • Elevator trim wheel
  • Rudder trim wheel
  • Aileron trim wheel
  • Flaps lever with 6 separate detent positions: 0, 10, 20,30, 40 and 50 degrees of flaps.
  • All with adjustable friction and a mounting system to put everything in just the right place

As usual it is completely to scale with just minor modifications to dimensions. The only real omission is in the air section as the hot/ram air levers are missing from this version 1.

As it is to scale the most striking thing about this control is the size - as you can see below it's a chunky piece of kit!

1:1 sync with real world/sim trim wheel rotation

By combining this flight control with the AuthentiKit tuning app you can achieve perfect synchronisation between the movement of your trim wheel and the movement in sim. For more information about the tuning app see authentikit.org/tuning/

Highly accurate source CAD

Apart from the air levers it is incredibly accurate, which is all down to the meticulous CAD work of AuthentiKit community member Stiggles who painstakingly created the source CAD for this project from original drawings.

See our P-51D Mustang page for more information including download links - https://authentikit.org/p51d/