The Rig

Low cost yet strong. Fit and take down in seconds.

That’s the AuthentiKit rig system.

The Rig

There’s no point having authentic feeling flight controls if you can’t position them exactly where they need to be. Yet most of us can’t dedicate the space for a home cockpit. Until now! The rig system clamps to an ordinary desk in just a minute or two. Flight controls are attached using a quick release system. Heavy gauge steel but very affordable – it’s just a monitor stand mounted upside down!

Clamp to your desk in seconds – remove just as easily
Protect desk top with the Universal Hub flap
Buy direct from Amazon for $25 – $50 depending on quality
Cantilevered arm holds the base of the flight stick where you need it
A rig extension mounts to the vertical pole for left hand cockpit wall flight controls
Quick release plate fitted to the VESA bracket
The standard product photograph you’ll find on Amazon for these monitor stands looks like this. Although we only use one arm, you need a dual arm stand in order to lengthen one side with an arm piece from the other side.
The model in this photo is the Allcam MDM12 which I have found to be a lot stronger and more reassuring than many of the cheaper versions and fits a desk up to 50mm thick. It has a main pole 35mm diameter. There are lots of cheaper alternatives that will also be suitable as long as they have a 35mm pole.
In the US we have found a similarly sturdy equivalent to Allcam sold by Mount-It with model number MI-752. It has a main pole of 48mm which will also work. There is also a model MI-751 which has a single arm which is more useful in other instances.
This is Rig Extension A. It attaches to the monitor stand to provides the left hand cockpit wall with additional quick release fittings for up to three flight controls. In the Spitfire, for example, these are the quadrant, elevator trim wheel and rudder trim wheel.

Preparation and Assembly

These YouTube videos will show you how to prepare your rig to make it ready for attaching AuthentiKit flight controls.

This first video shows how to extend one of the arm pieces by using a section from the other monitor bracket. The extra length and adjustment is needed or the arms would obstruct your legs.
You only need to add the rig extension if you want to add on the left hand cockpit wall controls. This video shows how it’s done.