ATK208: Ferrules

1mm diameter silver plated jewellery crimps

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These are 1mm diameter silver plated jewellery crimps. They are just the right size for sliding over a thin wire and an electronic component leg in order to make a reliable electrical connection without soldering. Try to get good quality ones as cheap ones are cut roughly and make it hard to push the wires through. For any controller your only need around a dozen at most but they’re easy to lose, so get plenty of spares!

Supplier Links

eBay or Amazon are good options. There's no need to get the solid silver type. silver or gold plated will do. You won't get them individually. Usually they're in packets of at least 300.

Indicative Pricing With Allowance for P&P

This is for a packet of 300 from the above supplier.



The gold plated ones are fine, but don't get them any larger and don't waste money on the pure silver ones.