ATK200: BU0836A Board

Leo Bodnar BU0836A 12-Bit Joystick Controller

  • Manufacturer: Leo Bodnar
  • Product ID: BU0836A

This is the circuit board that takes all the input signals from the AuthentiKit flight controls and sends them to your PC via a single USB connection. It supports 8 axes and 32 inputs however to make use of all 32 inputs you need to wire up a bunch of diodes or add on the Leo Bodnar Break-out Matrix Board (ATK207). At present we are not using that board and are instead using the BU0836A via the Simplified Direct Button Connection Method which limits the inputs to 12.

Supplier Links

Source direct from Leo Bodnar - others have found resellers in the US and these will be added to the list shortly.

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There are no substitutions for this board. Other boards and approaches do exist but the AuthentiKit system is built around this board for 3 reasons:

  • It has proven bulletproof over many years - I've miswired and short circuited things so many times and I've never had one fail
  • It requires no soldering - just plug in dupont connectors
  • It requires no programming. It is natively recognised by Windows as a joystick controller without any coding or configuration.