ATK204: 12×12 Tact switch (projected)

Yellow Plunger Tactile Switch, SPST-NO 50 mA @ 24 V dc 3mm

  • Manufacturer: Omron
  • Product ID: B3F-4055

There are loads of manufacturers of 12mm x 12mm tact switches however AuthentiKit designs are all based around the Omron B3F series, This is the projected type with a small post that sticks up as opposed to ATK205 which is the flat button type. Total height 7.3mm, with lugs at the bottom.

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RS Online only sell in minimums of 5 but you can get them individually on Amazon/Ebay with free postage.



I would stick to Omron. The dimensions and shape need to be exactly the same. Still there are other variants that will work - for example it doesn't matter what the operating force is or whether you go for fancy gold plated options. Here's a link to the manufacturer specs.