ATK202: Hall sensor

A1324LUA-T Hall Effect Sensor, Linear, 10 mA, SIP, 3 Pins, 4.5 V, 5.5 V

  • Manufacturer: Allegro Microsystems
  • Product ID: A1324LUA-T

I tested about four hall sensors and this was best for the way we’re using it here. I recall it was the strongest in terms of response to the magnetic field.

Supplier Links

Indicative Pricing With Allowance for P&P

Farnell has them at £2.33 if bought individually. With allowance for some P&P I’ve gone for £3


Other options from Allegro may work. Check the dimensions and response curves using the Farnell link above. Unbranded options may also work. As of October 2021 Farnell is on back order and I’ll paste some other options here if I see them.