ATK202: Hall sensor

A1324LUA-T Hall Effect Sensor, Linear, 10 mA, SIP, 3 Pins, 4.5 V, 5.5 V

  • Manufacturer: Allegro Microsystems
  • Product ID: A1324LUA-T

I tested about four hall sensors and this was best for the way we're using it here. I recall it was the strongest in terms of response to the magnetic field.

NB: These Allegro sensors are in very short supply at the moment. See substitution options below.

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Indicative Pricing With Allowance for P&P

Farnell has them at £2.33 if bought individually. With allowance for some P&P I've gone for £3


Other options from Allegro may work however they often have a much weaker response than the 5mv/G that the Allegro gives. This means that your axis movements will be less precise especially at the ends of travel. I have researched an alternative from Honeywell and found it to be an acceptable alternative. The Honeywell SS494B has an equally good response curve through the range of movement and is an exact match physically. If you can get the Allegro version I still recommend it though as the Honeywell proved to be more jittery. The allegro had jitter of around 0.1% and the Honeywell around 0.2%.