Spitfire MkIXc for Microsoft Flight Simulator

In case you missed it Flying Iron Simulations just announced that their Spitfire MkIXc for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now in its final beta testing stage with public release due very soon. Looking at my notes I see it is just over 2 years (29th Jan 2019) when I first approached Alex Kassabian at Flying Iron Simulations and told him of my plans to 3D print Spitfire parts. He's been a great source of support and technical advice ever since and I wish the guys at Flying Iron Simulations every success with this launch. I've been involved in the beta testing myself and I have found it an absolute joy to fly - especially with my AuthentiKit Spitfire flight stick 😉 No seriously, the fluidity of a proper flight stick compared to a short throw HOTAS joystick makes for a completely different experience.