Spitfire Flaps Lever Released

The flaps lever, compatible with either the Spitfire MkIX or Spitfire Mk1A is finally released today. For such a small flight control this has taken a long time to get released and it isn't for lack of effort. Several entirely new mechanisms and systems needed to be developed and not just for the lever itself but also the mounting system and the universal hub.

This flap lever uses one of the smallest bearings I've ever worked with and that brought its own set of engineering challenges. The inner diameter is just 2mm! It also uses some new switches which we haven't worked with in this project before. It all comes together in a very compact new plugin component which has been named the mClick6700. It is expected to come in very handy on all kinds of controls.

  • Flap levers
  • Gear levers
  • Fuel selectors
  • Cowl flaps / radiator levers
  • etc etc

Instrument Panel Mounting System

Another major development which I've been prototyping for over a year is the instrument panel mounting system. Something simple and easily adjustable was needed that could be fitted to a desk very quickly. The clamp system was the major hurdle as most things I tried (from microphone or camera desk clamps to masonry L-Bolts) were too clumsy, expensive or had extra bits that got in the way. Finally I discovered a clamp used by jewellers when making fine cuts with a fret saw. It led to the development of this clamp system, which supports not just the Spitfire flaps lever but all manner of radio/nav equipment, starter/magneto buttons and much more.

Universal Hub Upgrade

These flaps levers also prompted me to finalise the full specification of the Universal Hub Version One. Some planning ahead was needed and you'll see that the design accomodates a second engine input which will support the Mosquito FB as well as landing gear and radiator flaps. It will also support a range of other aircraft, whether warbirds or GA. For those aircraft that don't have weapons on the flight stick and quadrant we will gain access to some unused buttons that can be remapped and used via the MISC1 and MISC2 inputs. Possibilities are nav equipment or fuel selectors.