Great Progress on Mosquito FB.VI Controls Design

We are making real progress on the Mosquito FB.VI control set. The first mechanical prototype of the Mossie’s elevator trim wheel assembly has been completed, and it looks SMASHING!

Here is the Elevator Trim Wheel Assembly, comprised of the wheel, the support, and a "chain guard" that surrounds the chain used in the actual Mosquito to turn the tail trim tab. See the images below.

Original Image Courtesy of AVSpecs, LTD, edited by AuthentiKit to add outline of chain guard
Original Image Courtesy of de Havilland Aircraft Museum, UK

We have been hard at work pouring over hundreds of photos of the cockpit of the Mosquito. As some of you may know, there aren’t many examples of “the most beautiful piece of furniture to ever fly” available to be examined in the world, and the only engineering drawings that exist aren’t accessible to the public.

Fortunately, we have been able to obtain technical assistance from AVSpecs in New Zealand, the restorer of 3 of the 4 flying Mosquitoes in the world, and the de Havilland Aircraft Museum in the UK. With their periodic guidance, and our own exhaustive research, we’ve been able to replicate the elevator trim wheel assembly, using the AuthentiKit SDK as our baseline.

Our plans are to release authentic replica controls for you to print, as they are ready, later this year, or early 2022. We’re working as quickly as we can, because, like you, we can’t wait to fly the Mossie like the brave pilots of the RAF did “in the day”.

We are looking at offering the following controls, (with possibly more, when version 2.0 of the Universal Hub is available, as it will provide more inputs):

  • Control Stick
    • Wheel brakes
    • Pitch
    • Roll
    • .303 Machine Gun
    • 20 Caliber Cannon
    • Bomb Drop (when Universal Hub 2.0 is released)
  • Engine Control Box
    • Throttle 1
    • Throttle 2
    • Prop 1
    • Prop 2
  • Located atop the Instrument Panel on the Coaming
    • Radiator Cowl open/closed
    • Rudder Trim Wheel
  • On the Face of the Instrument Panel (Lever Panel)
    • Flaps
    • Undercarriage (Gear)
    • Bomb Bay Doors (when Universal Hub 2.0 is released)
  • Elevator Trim Wheel Assembly
    • Located on a lower extension bar, at the pilot’s left hip

As you may know, we’ve just posted a new video on the Mosquito, and you can view it here:

Stay tuned to this Blog for more updates. Now that the design is well underway, we’ll be posting regular content.