AuthentiKit Tuning App

The AuthentiKit Tuning app is now launched. We plan to use the app for a range of things going forward but for now it's primary role is to allow trim wheels to be calibrated correctly. Once you dial in the correct sensitivity the elevator trim (for example) should move in the sim at (almost) exactly the same speed of rotation as you are moving it physically. It works by converting the encoder/pulse based trim wheels into a virtual axis. You don't need one-to-one of course as you may wish for more sensitivity or quick rotation. It's up to you.


When we started this project the greatest mismatch of physical to virtual seemed to occur in MSFS and that was our focus, however plenty of people have also said that there are problems in DCS and other sims and this app will work with any of them.

Not Just AuthentiKit

The issue of trim wheel synchronisation is not unique to AuthentiKit. In fact it's a theme that is often discussed in DIY forums and has even been problematic for commercially available trim wheels. This app will work with any encoder/pulse based trim wheel so it might be useful for users of Flight Velocity Trim Wheel V1 as well as DIYers.

Download and Credits

A huge debt of thanks is owed to Ian Colman who has worked for many months on this project, often at the limits of his knowledge and experience. He tells me he learned a lot from this project but it consumed an awful lot of his time. I'm sure the entire AuthentiKit community will be very grateful Ian as it is an excellent product.

If you're wondering, the app is free just like all other AuthentiKit downloads.

Find out more and get the download link here