ATK613: Ball Spring Plunger D8

A ball spring plunger D8 POM for detents

  • Manufacturer: Various
  • Product ID: GN614-8-KD

This device is used to provide detents in throttle quadrants, flap levers etc. The spec for this ball plunger is an 8mm diameter barrel. You can get these in steel and brass but the technopolymer (the 'KD' suffix) version is recommended to avoid excessive wear on the printed parts. For full dimensions see the link below to Berger tools and select d1=8 and KD as the material.

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Indicative Pricing With Allowance for P&P

The unit price of this part is only £1.03 + p&p from Berger tools. P&P is reasonable but you need a minimum order. I bought 6 of them for a total of £11 making a unit price of £1.80.



You can use the brass ones with a steel ball but I wouldn't recommend it. Amazon has them and they would fit.