ATK611: Rotary Damper 400

Rotary bi-directional hydraulic damper

  • Manufacturer: Wixroyd
  • Product ID: Q3044

This device contains liquid silicon which resists movement and so creates a smooth mechanical resistance to the rotation of levers. There are many manufacturers of these dampers and hopefully you will find an equivalent in your region. Check the dimensions on the Wixroyd page to ensure it is an exact match. There are weaker versions of this damper which have damping forces of the order of but this offers much more substantial resistance.

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Indicative Pricing With Allowance for P&P

The unit price of this part is only £2.18 + p&p + tax. However I have yet to find a supplier who is not focussed on businesses and higher volumes, so at present it is rather expensive to source. You need to spend at least £10 and then with small order surcharges and delivery you end up with a bill of just under £30. You can choose not to get this part as it won't prevent the AuthentiKit device from working - it just won't feel as good. So far only one of these is used in AuthentiKit controls (P-40B quadrant) but it does add a nice feel so I intend to add it to several devices. As an indicative unit price, let's say you will use 3 of these over time making a unit price of £10



Although this damper can usually be ommitted from a control without loss of functionality, it makes a huge difference to the feel of the control. I am trying to find alternatives to the Wixroyd damper as it is so expensive. There is a possibility that the ACE FRT-C2-301-G1 from ACE Controls can be adapted although it isn't exactly the same. It appears that only the mounting is different.