ATK608: Felt strip 50mm

Black felt strip 50mm wide x 1mm thick

  • Manufacturer: Various
  • Product ID: Various

AuthentiKit designs use this felt strip in throttle quadrants and other places where a lever needs to slide against a plate. The felt adds some friction and keeps the action smooth.

Supplier Links

This Amazon link lists the felt as 0.04" x 1.96" which is basically 1mm x 50mm

IMPORTANT: It is important that the felt is just 1mm thick and no thicker. Expect it be to around 1.1mm when measured with calipers including the non-stick backing paper. I have heard that the above product from Amazon can vary and someone found that their felt was 1.3mm which was too much when used in the P40B and caused the levers to stick. In order to have a definitive way of measuring thickness I have made a set of clamps which you can fit over calipers creating a surface area of 20mm x 30mm which can be used to lightly press against the felt. Download the clamp design from this link. This is how it should look when you use them.

Indicative Pricing With Allowance for P&P

You only need small lengths and you should be able to by on eBay by the metre though suppliers come and go. I've seen it for around £5/metre inc. postage



Wider is fine as you cut shapes out of it. You may be happy with grey rather than black though black usually looks best. 1mm thickness is essential.