ATK502: Stand off M3

Self clinching stand off M3 x 8mm x 5.4mm

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To be honest I don't know what the usual purpose of a self clinching stand off is, but it turned out to be the perfect steel sleeve for the fire button, hence the name Clinch Button. The spec you need is M3 x 8mm long, but there are slim and fatter types and the type you need is nominally 5.4mm wide in the barrel. My measurement of the RS Pro version actually puts them at 5.27mm and so I've sized the clinch button for 5.3mm as a snug fit is important.

L = 8mm
Thread = M3
C = 5.3mm (sized for a hole 5.4mm)

Supplier Links (CAUTION - I have had feedback that although these will fit some of the stock that arrives is a touch smaller on the base so they spin rather than locking making assembly tricky.) However if the base is around 6.3mm you will be fine.

Indicative Pricing With Allowance for P&P

It's difficult to get these in small quantities. Walmart sells similar items in 20's but I haven't yet found the M3x8mm version. I've seen eBay selling packets for £5 inc p&p but the supplier I found had no availability for M3x8mm. The Amazon link above is £10 so we could say these are effectively £10 each as currently I have only one AuthentiKit product that uses these (The Mk1 fire button). These will get used in other products though so you'll probably uses at least two. As a compromise then I've said £5/each inc. p&p



The type with a solid base plate is fine too.