ATK206: Microswitch

Micro Switch Long Hinge Lever

  • Manufacturer: Gikfun (and others)
  • Product ID: EK1713

There are various manufacturers of these micro switches. The important thing is to get the dimensions right as they are very small. They are used in the mClick component for flaps levers, landing gear levers and other up/down type devices.

Supplier Links

Indicative Pricing With Allowance for P&P

These are £7 for a pack from Amazon. You only need a couple for a mClick device and so far (Spitfire chassis lever) we only have one AuthentiKit control which uses a mClick, hence £3.50 each effectively. If you make a lot of AuthentiKit controls then the effective price goes down.

31 March 2022 Update: If you also make some Mustang gear you will use more of these, perhaps six, making a unit price of £1.20

£3.50 or £1.20 if you make multiple AuthentiKit controls.


If you find an alternative that looks right, check the dimensions on the diagram on the Amazon page to be sure they're identical. You can get away with the long lever being a little shorter but other dimensions need to be exact.