ATK1R412 M4 machine screw round head x 12mm

M4 phillips head machine screw with round (or pan) head x 12mm long zinc plated

  • Manufacturer: Various
  • Product ID: Various

Used to provide a more interesting bolt head for external parts. A rarely used length - currently just the P40B trim wheels use this.

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Indicative Pricing With Allowance for P&P

These are quite a rarely used size which makes the unit price effectively more than the other lengths of this machine screw. You could just buy a pack of two as that is all that is used so far in AuthentiKit controls, which would make these about 75p each. As there may be occasional further uses an indicative price of 35p has been chosen.



These must be a small round head as some designs include cavities for the head. You could use a non phillips head fitting but it isn't recommended as the screws are just a bit harder to handle.