ATK002: Rig Extension

Add on arms to extend the AuthentiKit rig

  • Manufacturer: Allcam, DMP, see below for more
  • Product ID: MDM10, see below for more

With the ATK001 primary rig you mount either a flight stick from a low down position or a set of cockpit sidewall controls (throttle, trim wheels etc) at a higher up position, but you can't do both as the rig comes with only one arm.

This rig extension allows you to add one or more extra arms. Three arms would, for example, allow you to support a flight stick and multiple cockpit wall controls which may be at significantly different heights.

Availability of these add-on arms has proven more difficult than all-in-one monitor stands, however we have so far found options for the UK, Germany/Europe and the USA with eBay meeting the needs of other regions.

United Kingdom

In the UK your best bet and so far only option is Allcam. Uniquely in the world they will sell individual arm sections of varying lengths as well as the monitor pole clamp by itself. This saves you paying a VESA bracket that won't get used. You can buy either directly or via eBay. I would recommend buying two each of the 19cm or 26cm arms and one pole clamp. You may also wish to purchase an additional 19cm or 26cm arm to extend the flight stick mounting as a 3 section arm is the best option.


In the USA I have found one supplier for the standard 35mm pole. This is an eBay business micoco-64. If instead you are using a 1 7/8 pole then you have the option of an add on arm from EasyMountLCD.

Germany / Europe

In Germany and Europe you have the option of sourcing from Allcam in the UK and paying a little more for postage but without needing to buy parts you don't need. You can also buy the longer 19cm or 26cm arms which are more useful. Alternatively DMP have a good option which may turn out cheaper.

Other Regions

I would recommend the Google image search technique if you're struggling to find add on arms in other regions. Please let me know if/when you find any. Failing that Allcam is available via eBay in all regions as far as I'm aware and DMP ship to many but not all countries - try the link above to see if they can post to you.

If you are searching for equivalents remember to look for arms that look like the image below and with a pole clamp that fits a 35mm pole.