A Milestone for AuthentiKit

Today we release an upgrade to the Spitfire MkIX Add On Kit B which now includes a rudder trim wheel as well as an elevator trim wheel. So now this kit comprises.

  • Throttle quadrant
  • Elevator trim wheel
  • Rudder trim wheel

What makes this launch so special though is that the rudder trim wheel was not created by me, but by Ian Colman a member of our Discord community. I released a beta version of the AuthentiKit SDK to a few people to try it out and Ian used the SDK to create this AuthentiKit compatible flight control. It plugs into the Universal Hub just like any other AuthentiKit control and in fact uses a lot of the same parts as the elevator trim wheel.

A particularly interesting innovation that Ian has introduced is recessed lettering which is easily filled with white silicon to easily create these distinctive decals. See the assembly video for how this is done. I need to make a few changes to the SDK before I release it more widely after which I hope to see many many more AuthentiKit compatible flight controls.